Top 10 Freight Companies In the USA And Their Successful Insights

Top 10 Freight Companies In the USA And Their Successful Insights

The United States is the home of several freight companies, all having their technique for growth. Freight companies transport products throughout the United States as well as around the world. All those amazing products brought to your door are not delivered by magic. They travel by multiple means and with different companies.

The whole process of the supply chain is difficult to understand, and it demands the use of new words. 

Sounds confusing, right? Don’t worry; in this blog, we have a look at the top ten freight companies in the United States and find the strategies behind great, successful freight companies.

List OF Best Ranking Top 10 Freight Companies

These are the best-ranking top 10 companies in the United States.

  1. FedEx Corp
  2. Knight-Swift Transport Services
  3. YRC Worldwide
  4. Schneider
  5. J.B. Hunt Transport Services
  6. TFI
  8. Landstar System
  9. UPS Inc.
  10. XPO Logistics

The Path to Success: Strategies and Insights 

1. FedEx Crop

Founded: 1971

Revenue: $97,287

Location: Memphis, Tennessee, US

Stock Prices: US$260.97 -0.05 (-0.02%)

Website link:

FedEx Corporation, is one of the largest and top freight companies in the United States. FedEx offers a variety of transportation, online sales, and business services to companies and people all around the world. In 1927FedEx was founded by Frederick W. Smith and is located in Memphis, Tennessee, USA. This American-founded company operates in freight service and online retailers and provides around 3 billion shipments each year.

2. Knight-Swift Transport Services

Founded: 1990

Revenue: $7.5 billion

Location: Phoenix, Arizona, US

Stock Prices: US$260.97 -0.05 (-0.02%)

Employee: 28,000+

Website link:

Knight-Swift Transportation specializes in freight transportation and logistics. Its services include irregular routes as well as driven storage under refrigeration, faster, flatbed, and international freight services. Knight-Swift is the largest complete freight firm in the industry, with a fleet of over 19,000 tractors and 58,000 trailers.

3. YRC Worldwide

Founded: 1929

Revenue: 1.183 billion USD

Location: Nashville, Tennessee, US

Stock Prices: US$1.50 -0.36 (-19.35%)

Employee: 30,000+

Website link:

YRC Worldwide, based in Overland Park, Kansas, is one of the largest logistical companies in the United States. Through over 300 terminals, the company hands out around 11 million shipments each year, sustaining its supremacy in the American supply chain market for years.

Previously known as Yellow Roadway Corporation, the organization was founded in 1929 as a cab and bus company. Later, the company combined with top-tier shipping firms located in the United States and Canada, respectively, Roadway and Reimer Express. YRC Worldwide now addresses truckload (LTL) freight.

4. Schneider

Founded: 1976

Revenue: 4,552.8 million USD 

Location: Green Bay, Wisconsin, US

Stock Prices: US$29.15 +0.24 (+0.83%)

Employee: 19,600+

Website link:

Schneider was created approximately 86 years ago in Wisconsin when Al Schneider sold his family car to buy a truck. Schneider offers freight, intermodal, and logistics services. Regional, long-haul, quicker, driven, huge quantities, intermodal freight, brokerage services, cross-dock transportation, pool point shipping, supply chain management, and port logistics are all included in the services provided by the company. There are over 40,000 carriers, over 6000 drivers, and over 180 assets internationally.

5. J.B. Hunt Transport Services

Founded: 1961

Revenue: 12.16 billion USD 

Location: Lowell, Arkansas, US

Stock Prices: US$191.73 +3.85 (+2.05%)


Website link:

J.B. Hunt Transport Services Inc. is an American logistics and transportation firm situated in Lowell, Arkansas, with 12,000 vehicles and 100,000 trailers. J.B. Hunt Transport Services Inc. was one of the first leading US trucking businesses to adopt the 'container trucking' methodology.

According to this method, cargo was delivered straight to trucks from trains and ships. This largest shipping company offers freight shipping and logistical services to Fortune 500 organizations.

6. TFI

Founded: 1957

Revenue: 3.484 billion USD 

Location: Montreal, Canada, US

Stock Prices: CA$186.93 +2.81 (+1.53%)


Website link:

TFI International is a transportation and logistics firm established in Canada. The organization serves in Mexico, Canada, and the United States. TFI International operates in four areas: less than a truckload, truckload, shipping, package & courier. 

The firm was created in 1957 and presently has 50,000 trailers, 200 straight trucks, 10,000 owner-operated vehicles, and 14,000 organization-owned power units.


Founded: 1934

Revenue: 4.015 billion USD 

Location: Thomasville, North Carolina, United States

Stock Prices: US$435.87 +8.50 (+1.99%)

Employee: 23,000+

Website link:

Old Dominion is headquartered in North Carolina and serves throughout the United States. The organization provides both national and logistical services, including air transportation.  Less-than-truckload shipment of general items such as consumer products, textiles, and investments is provided by the corporation. Additionally, it provides freight brokerage, supply chain management consulting, and warehousing. Over 5,000 tractors, 22,500 trailers, and 21,000 workers work for the firm.

8. Landstar System

Founded: 1968

Revenue: 6.5 billion USD 

Location: Memphis, Tennessee, United States

Stock PricesUS$194.75 +4.94 (+2.60%)

Employee: 1300

Website link:

Landstar Systems is a transportation corporation based in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Landstar began operations in 1968. Over 10,000 freelance drivers, 69,000 trucks, and 1,300 workers are presently employed by the firm.

9. UPS Inc

Founded: 1907

Revenue: US$100.3 billion 

Location: Sandy Springs, Georgia, US

Employee: 536,000+

Website link:

UPS Inc. began operations in 1907. This firm concentrates on shipping and receiving as well as supply chain management. UPS, which was formerly known as the American Messenger firm, is today the world's largest courier firm, employing approximately 500,000 people.

10. XPO Logistics

Founded: 2000

Revenue: US$7.72 billion 

Location: Greenwich, Connecticut, U.S

Employee: 38,000+

Website link:

XPO Logistics, founded in 1989, is another significant American freight transportation firm that has been in the trucking sector for many years. This transportation firm, headquartered in Greenwich, Connecticut, USA, offers less-than-truckload (LTL) and truck brokerage services to customers in 18 countries.

Challenges Faced by Freight Companies:

These are some major highlighting problems facing freight companies:

  • Economic Unpredictability: Freight firms must adjust to the ever-changing economic landscape, which includes swings in demand and market circumstances.
  • Fuel Price Instability: Fuel price fluctuation is a constant concern, affecting operational expenses and profitability.
  • Regulatory Complexity: Navigating a complex system of transportation and logistics laws requires exact compliance strategies.
  • Driver Scarcity: The constant effort to attract and retain qualified drivers frustrates operations and growth.
  • Technical bottlenecks: Congested roadways and ports lead to supply chain delays and ineffectiveness.
  • Safety concerns: Ensuring the safety of both cargo and drivers remains a major concern, with tight standards to follow.
  • Technological Evolution: Keeping up with the ever-changing logistics technology landscape is essential for competitiveness.
  • E-commerce Pressures: Meeting online buyers' high expectations for rapid, reliable delivery gives major problems.
  • Global Trade Uncertainty: Taxes and trade conflicts make International freight operations more difficult and dangerous.
  • Power Constraints: The limited supply of trucks and containers creates barriers to the effective transportation of items.

These summarize the main challenges that freight businesses in the United States face as they try to operate in a competitive and transforming industry.

Win-win points for a Successful Freight Company

Here are the main key points for a successful Freight Company

  • Expand your offerings to provide more complete solutions.
  • Utilize technology to optimize routes for fuel and time savings.
  • Adopt eco-friendly techniques.
  • Prioritize driver happiness and safety.
  • Use data analytics to make better judgments.
  • Encourage cooperation with supply chain partners.
  • Provide a range of price alternatives.
  • Create strong risk management techniques.
  • Increase efficiency by digitizing documents.
  • Invest in constant staff education.
  • Create long-term collaborations.
  • Investigate new markets for expansion.
  • Maintain strict quality controls.
  • For financial security, manage your money wisely.
  • Maintain a win-win strategy that helps both your organization and your consumers.

In these points, you will find a straightforward road to success for freight firms.

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