Optimize and Scale your Trucking Fleet With Cloud based TMS

FlexTMS is a transportation management software to help trucking companies manage everyday task from dispatch, accounting, compliance and maintenance, all in one platform.

FlexTMS Dashboard - Streamlining Dispatch, Accounting, Compliance, and Maintenance Tasks for Trucking Excellence.

Trusted by Fastest Growing Carriers


FlexTMS is a build from ground up starting with a core of Fleet Compliance, Maintenance, and then adding on Dispatch, Accounting, Factoring, Fuel Import, ELD and many more integrations to make everyday tasks simple, fast, and easy !

Automate and simplify Compliance And Safety

Manage all driver complicance, from hire date, to yearly checks. MVR, Clearinghouse, Drug Testing and more. Add all documents, and expiry dates for drivers, trucks, and trailers.


Schedule and manage with Dispatch board

A simple to use dispatch board, to allow you to see each truck schedule, drivers and trailers conncted. View availble, or assigned trucks, and available locations.

Simple Load Entry

Never enter the full address again, with google API its easier to enter loads than ever before. Just start to type in the address, and pick from choices provided


Assign And Dispatch Seamlessly

Assign and Dispatch a Load to your driver or team, all in included Driver APP. Or a Partner Carrier if you choose to.

Streamline your Invoices and Settlements

Invoice each customer separately,  invoice all loads at once, send to factoring. It’s your choice. Create Driver, Truck, or Carrier Settlements in one  easy step. That Easy !!


Stay connected with Driver App

The first TMS ever to allow you to share, Driver, Truck, Trailer, and Company comliance documents and expiry dates with the Driver APP. System will do all the work for you, and notify drivers of all expiries. Save Time, and many phone calls with FlexTMS Driver App.

One Solution To All Your TMS Needs

FlexTMS is a built with many features, and we are adding more each and every day. Do we not have something you would like to see ? Let us know, we are more than happy to add more value to our TMS software.


Compliance & Safety

Stay compliant with simplified document management including expiration dates and push notifications to the user dashbaord, and driver app. Share documents with driver and more.


Load Management

Create, Manage, and filter Loads. Never enter the full address again, with google API its easier to enter loads than ever before. Assign and dispatch with few clicks.



Mange and invoice all loads, send direct to customers or factoring. Create settlements for all drivers, trucks, or carriers and send direct to driver app, or email.



Run many custom reports, related to your loads, customers, or equipment. Run all expiry reports, and many more.



View quick summner of yuor fleet including drivers, trucks, trailers and parteners. View quick income and RPM Revenue. Also see you expiry data right when you login.


Driver App

Share any documets and expiry dates with the driver. Plus Send all laods and settlements to the driver app.

40+ Integrations

FlexTMS considers every Integration very carefully. We want to make sure that we are providing each of our customers with the most value. We have over 40 Integrations and we are adding more integrations per customer requests and needs.

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