Why Cloud-Based is the Best Choice for Transportation Management

Why Cloud-Based is the Best Choice for Transportation Management

Although there are other options out there, cloud-based software is increasingly becoming the norm for transportation management systems. A cloud-based TMS is hosted at an off-site location. Typically, these systems are subscription-based with a monthly fee.

Here’s why many companies are making the switch to cloud-based TMS!

Almost Instant ROI

Unlike other types of transportation management systems, you can get started with a cloud-based solution quickly. Compared to traditional business software, it is very easy to implement. This means you can almost instantly start experiencing the benefits of the TMS and see a return on your investment. It’s the fastest way to modernize your operation.

The Most Cost-Effective Option

Because you can also start using a cloud-based solution so quickly, the upfront cost is very minimal, especially when you compare a cloud-based system to something that’s custom-built. In the long run, cloud-based solutions are also typically more inexpensive than their typical on-site counterparts. Even if you need to upgrade the system, you typically won’t have any additional fees.

Minimal Need for Ongoing Maintenance

With something as important as your TMS, you want to be able to get by on as little maintenance as possible. After all, maintenance often means downtime. Luckily, cloud-based transportation management systems are typically very low maintenance. This means your operation can experience more uptime for smooth trucking! Of course, there will always be hiccups, but typically your provider will be able to resolve them much faster than with an on-site solution.

Updates and Improvements on a Regular Basis

You will have more frequent updates with a cloud-based solution compared to other types of TMS. In this case, that’s not a bad thing. New features and improvements will typically be implemented automatically so you can continue to improve your operation but without experiencing downtime.

A Solution That’s Accessible Anytime, Anywhere

Just like with any cloud-based type of solution, one of the biggest benefits of the cloud is that data that’s stored in the system can be accessed by anyone from any place at any time. This is great if any part of your team works remotely. It’s also invaluable since everyone will have the same up-to-date information at all times.

Everybody’s Using It

While you may not think that its popularity is a reason why you should go for a cloud-based transportation management solution, think again. There’s stability in using a system that many other people are using as opposed to one that is custom-built just for you. You’ll automatically know that there’s a huge amount of confidence in the solution if other companies are working with your provider.

Get the Smartest Cloud-Based TMS in the Business: FlexTMS

If you’re still looking for a transportation management system that’s cloud-based and meets your company’s needs, you should look into FlexTMS! You can completely transform your trucking company with the best-in-class solutions from FlexTMS. To start using the system for free, connect with us today!

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