How the FlexTMS and TruckerCloud Partnership Helps Transportation Companies

How the FlexTMS and TruckerCloud Partnership Helps Transportation Companies

FlexTMS helps you manage your trucking operations efficiently and with less stress. Your business becomes more efficient, cost-effective, and customer-friendly with better fleet management.

FlexTMS partnered with TruckerCloud to make everything better for your trucking company. Thanks to this partnership, you can streamline processes, save time & money, and increase the revenue of your transportation company.

This post outlines the partnership, the ELD, GPS, and telematics providers you can connect to, and the benefits that the partnerships offer.


Why TruckerCloud ?

TruckerCloud uses API (application programming interface) to connect to over 40 telematics, ELD (electronic logging device), and GPS (global positioning system) providers. In particular, FlexTMS partners with TruckerCloud to bring several providers to the system.

By doing this, FLexTMS brings live data to users, so they can automate tracking and make better decisions about trucking updates & hours of service.

To see how FlexTMS can help your trucking business, the following section explores the providers we can connect to.

Telematics, GPS, and ELD Providers FlexTMS Can Connect To

Here are just some of the telematics, GPS, and ELD providers FlexTMS can connect to:



With more than ten years of experience, Motive has become a leading fleet management platform. Formerly called KeepTruckin, Motive offers everything you need to manage your fleet. Plus, 120,000 companies― from small businesses and Fortune 500 businesses― trust Motive.


 Built for fleet managers on the move, Samsara helps users track each asset and stay on top of operations.

With Samsara, you can see real-time locations. You can also sensor data and investigate incidents through the app. The app also helps you stay productive by showing service hours and navigating drivers.


Transflo offers a comprehensive trucking solution in one convenient mobile app. It also allows pro drivers to manage their work in one place.

Through Transflo, transportation company owners get to be more efficient and compliant.



A cloud-based fleet management platform, Omnitracs help transportation businesses do vehicle navigation, driver inspections, and staff communications.

The platform allows users to gather and store data related to driver behavior, fuel taxes, and vehicle inspections. It then generates reports and ensures compliance.


Big Road

BigRoad has provided industry-leading electronic logging and compliance solutions since 2011.

As one of North America's fastest-growing IoT (Internet of Things) companies, BigRoad commits to innovation, customer focus, productivity, quality, and the community.



Geotab connects vehicles to the internet and provides web-based analysis to help trucking entrepreneurs manage their fleets. The platform helps with productivity, fleet  safety, optimization, expandability, sustainability, and compliance. With in-vehicle coaching and vehicle tracking features, Geotab improves efficiency and maximizes your profit.



GPSTab is one of the most powerful tools that help you manage your fleet and comply with regulations. It provides accurate and relevant data.

In particular, it monitors your vehicle’s location, speed, route selection, miles traveled, detention time, and other driver activities. By doing this, the platform improves your business's safety and overall operations.



TrackEnsure provide strategies that trucking companies can use to improve their operations.

TrackEnsure also pushes the trucking industry to new heights, from automating fuel control to identifying assets.



As an all-inclusive platform for fleet management, PeopleNet serves transportation businesses with small to large fleets.

The app provides real-time solutions. It also offers dispatch control, one-place fuel management, workforce management, routing, and mileage tracking.



J. J. Keller helps you work smarter, not harder. It delivers better compliance, productivity, flexibility, and reliability. 

Through this platform, you can Instantly verify your fleet's compliance, automate your workflow, and quickly share data with the users you want.



Zonar helps keep your drivers and customers happy as your business runs at peak performance.

The platform aims to give great returns and manage any fleet size and vehicle type to save you time, money, and headaches.



ERoad provides accurate and consistent data for your trucking business. This provider features easy-to-use tools in your drivers’ hands that keep them happy and safe.

The platform also gives you the support you need in the office and on the road to keep processes, move loads, and use complex fleet data for better performance.



Fleetmatics offers fleet management solutions through innovation, automation, and connected data.

The platform enables companies to be safer and more efficient. Its services include comprehensive fleet and mobile workforce management software.

It also features Hum by Verizon, a connected vehicle device that makes driving safer. Lastly, Fleetmatics empower businesses to track vehicles, enhance fleet operations, and  raise productivity.



Enhance operations, use your assets and improve driver safety with scalable, reliable, and comprehensive GPS tracking and fleet management software with Telogis. 

The platform allows you to reduce labor and fuel costs. It minimizes idle time and total mileage while getting the same work done.

Benefits of the FlexTMS and TruckerCloud Partnership

Wondering how FlexTMS’ partnership with TruckerCload can help you? Check out these benefits:


Live Load Tracking

FlexTMS and TruckerCloud’s partnership lets you track loads live. You can quickly point out drivers who don’t handle trucks efficiently with live load tracking. You can then use strategies to help them operate better.


Live Updates

Aside from live load tracking, FlexTMS also lets you know where your vehicles are all the time. If it gets stolen, real-time updates help the police locate your vehicle.


Automated Notifications

Thanks to automated notifications, you don’t have to rely on drivers to manually record mileage logs, departure logs, and arrival logs. A real-time system will automatically report and calculate all that information.

Trucking businesses and fleet managers get automatically notified by the live system when a vehicle is driven outside of working hours or in non-authorized areas.


Lower Operation Costs

Fuel costs remain one of the highest operating expenses for transportation businesses. FlexTMS and TruckerCloud’s partnership allows owners to manage and reduce expenses. It does this by reducing idle times, improving dispatching, monitoring speed, enhancing routing, and getting alerts for vehicle maintenance.

Plus, when you track exactly how much time each driver spends idling, you know which drivers idle often or for too long. This saves you thousands of dollars in the long run.

Lastly, if you pay drivers hourly, GPS fleet tracking helps you avoid extended trips and false time claims.


Improved Security

Your customer and company security also improves with FlexTMS and TruckerCloud’s partnership.

With this partnership, your drivers can use company-issued devices to communicate during their trips without compromising the security of business applications.

Additionally, you prevent numerous accidents with more efficient route management, GPS tracking, a reliable ELD, and regular identification of destructive driving behaviors.

Fleet monitoring systems also allow you to create geographical limits. Then, the system will send alerts when a vehicle enters or exits the area. For instance, systems let you choose safe areas that indicate where your drivers can rest.

You can also use notifications to alert you when a truck leaves or arrives at your facility to prevent unauthorized vehicle movement. If any untoward incidents happen, you can support your drivers and ensure their safety.


Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

FlexTMS and TruckerCloud’s partnership also allows you to improve customer service.

With real-time information about the trucks’ route, you can notify your customers about their loads. Remember, customers love up-to-date and reliable shipment information.

In addition, your fleet can answer service calls quickly and reach your customers on time. In fact, drivers monitored with a real-time tracking system arrive within the promised time 46% more frequently.


More Profits

Last, and best of all, FlexTMS helps you get great returns and more profits.

For one, less administrative burden reduces operational costs. Better insurance premiums and reduced liabilities positively affect the balance sheet. Plus, transportation companies improve driver retention rates with proper driver management.

In addition, better route management, idle-time tracking, and fuel use reductions decrease the cost of operations, all of which means more profits.



FlexTMS’ partnership with TruckerCloud lets you streamline your operations, raise productivity, maximize profits, and explore new business opportunities. 

The partnership lets you link your TMS to several GPS, ELD, and telematics providers. By doing this, you can determine growth opportunities and grow at a much faster pace.

Aside from integrations with the world’s best ELD, GPS, and telematics providers, FlexTMs also offers many features. These include compliance management, a dispatch board, equipment maintenance, reports, settlements, and a driver app.

Those who want to customize their TMS can also benefit from FlexTMS’ enterprise plan. It’s worth your investment, especially if your flee is growing and you want to reach greater heights.


Are you interested in a no-hassle, no-stress transportation management system? Check FlexTMS pricing plans now! You can also contact FlexTMS for any questions.

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