7 Reasons to Use the FlexTMS App

7 Reasons to Use the FlexTMS App

If you want to streamline your trucking business processes and safeguard your drivers’ well-being, getting a TMS app is a must.

Thanks to the latest technology, monitoring trips, orders, expenses, and the like have never been easier.

Backed by a team with 10 years of experience in the trucking industry, FlexTMS is a leading TMS app that fully understands your concerns.

This makes the app highly qualified to offer solutions to all of your transportation management issues.

But what exactly makes FlexTMS stand out from the crowd of TMS apps? Why should you consider using this TMS app?

In this article, we will talk about the FlexTMS app and why you should consider using it.

What Is FlexTMS?

As its name implies, FlexTMS is a transportation management system that lets you track and interpret transportation-related data. FlexTMS is especially useful for trucking businesses. The TMS app can also be used by shipping companies and import or export businesses. Depending on your needs, FlexTMS can be integrated with other tools or apps― from time management to accounting. Given this, FlexTMS saves entrepreneurs a lot of time, money, and effort.

Top 7 Reasons to Use the FlexTMS App

FLexTMS offers entrepreneurs a lot of benefits. Here are the top reasons to use the FlexTMS app:

FlexTMS features load management.

The TMS app lets you manage loads in an efficient manner. As a business owner, you should not focus on load management. You must focus on the major things that help your business grow. Since managing loads is a minor task., you should consider outsourcing it.However, you do not have to hire an additional employee for it. You can simply use the FlexTMS app to manage loads automatically. This makes the process more efficient. As an alternative, you can give a current employee access to the TMS app so they can manage loads for you. Since load management is streamlined, you can outsource it to a current employee. By doing this, you don’t have to hire a new employee.In addition, FlexTMS allows you to assign and dispatch loads. Your drivers can then access their assignments, making it easier for you to give out loads.

FlexTMS offers a user-friendly driver app.

As mentioned, you can manage loads via the FlexTMS driver app. However, some drivers do not have advanced tech skills. The lack of advanced tech skills makes it difficult for managers and owner operators to automate the assignment of loads. FLexTMS solves this problem. By offering a user-friendly app, drivers using the FlexTMS platform can easily access their assignments. In addition, you do not have to train your drivers how to use the app, since the interface is user-friendly. If your drivers use the app without training, teaching them how to use FlexTMS won’t take a lot of time. As an alternative, you can ask one of your employees to train your drivers how to use the TMS app.

The TMS app offers trip tracking.

Another notable feature of the FlexTMS app is its ability to track trips and orders. FlexTMS is equipped with special technology that lets you know where your drivers are. Through this accurate tech, you can easily update your customers where their orders are. Remember, updating your customers where their parcels are is crucial to growing or maintaining a successful trucking business. Aside from this, FlexTMS ensures your driver’s safety and well-being. Knowing your driver’s location allows you to send help in case they get stranded. It also gives you a heads up for potential delays.

The FlexTMS driver app lets you manage invoices.

Another problem entrepreneurs face is managing invoices. While you can hire someone to do this manually, investing in a TMS app that lets you do it saves more money in the long run. FlexTMS allows you to do just that. In a nutshell, the FlexTMS app lets you export invoices and manage them. You can export invoices from other apps by integrating the said apps with FlexTMS. Since FlexTMS can be integrated with many tools and apps, invoice management becomes easier. Lastly, your clients get their invoices automatically after delivery. If this feature doesn’t make you consider using the FlexTMS app, we don’t know what will.

The TMS app features document sharing.

FlexTMS also allows you to share documents with your drivers and other employees. The app can work like a shared drive in which you can upload files and give access to everyone or some of the people using the app. This streamlines the process of manually sharing files with every person needing access to those files. Through this, you save a lot of time and potential stress.Plus, even if your employees stop using the app, the files stay in the cloud so they can access them again anytime.

FlexTMS features real-time updates from drivers.

In relation to reason number three, the FlexTMS app also lets you get real-time updates from your drivers. As mentioned, knowing where your drivers are lets you guard their safety and well-being. It also helps avoid complaints from customers who expect their parcels to arrive, only to be disappointed when the parcels didn’t. By getting real-time updates from drivers, your customer service improves. Remember, your clients are the lifeline of your business. Thus, you have to keep them happy and satisfied.

The TMS app streamlines expense reporting.

Knowing your expenses lets you map out your financial plans properly. Fortunately, FlexTMS streamlines expense reporting. As mentioned, the TMS app delivers invoices to your clients right after delivery. This makes expense reporting efficient, saving your precious time. Plus, you can integrate FlexTMS with accounting or expense reporting apps, making the process more efficient.


FlexTMS is a transportation management system that changes your business life for the better. By streamlining several processes such as invoicing, load management, and expense reporting, the TMS app lets you manage your business more efficiently.

Are you interested in the FlexTMS app? Check out FlexTMS now!

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