What Is the Best Trucking Software?

What Is the Best Trucking Software?

What Is Trucking Software?

Also known as transportation management system (TMS), trucking software is designed to help trucking companies manage their operations more efficiently. These programs often have various features and tools that can help with tasks such as dispatch, scheduling, tracking, invoicing, etc. Some trucking software programs are standalone applications installed on a company's computers. On the other hand, some are cloud-based and can be accessed from any device with an internet connection. Trucking software can be an invaluable tool for companies that manage large fleets of vehicles, as it can help them streamline their operations and reduce the risk of errors or mistakes.

Here are some of the most common features of trucking software:

Dispatch and Scheduling

Many trucking software programs include tools for dispatching drivers and scheduling deliveries or pickups.

They also have features such as load boards, which allow companies to find and book available loads, and route optimization tools so they can find the most efficient route between two points.

Tracking and Monitoring

Some trucking software programs also include tracking and monitoring features that allow companies to keep track of their vehicles in real time.

This includes GPS tracking, which shows the location of each vehicle. It also involves sensors and other data-gathering tools that provide information about a vehicle's performance, such as fuel consumption and maintenance needs.

Invoicing and Billing

Many trucking software programs also include tools for creating invoices and tracking payments.

This usually includes electronic billing, which allows companies to create and send invoices electronically, and other tools for tracking payments and reconciling accounts.

Reporting and Analysis

Many trucking software programs feature tools for generating reports and analyzing data.

These tools can help companies better understand their operations and identify areas for improvement. They usually involve features like performance metrics, financial reports, and data visualization tools.

Overall, trucking software can be a valuable tool for companies that operate large fleets of vehicles.

Why Is Trucking Software Important?

Trucking software helps companies plan, execute, and optimize their transportation operations. It can be an essential tool for businesses that rely on transportation to move goods or people, as it can help them streamline their operations, reduce costs, and improve efficiency.

Here are some benefits of using trucking software:

Improved Planning and Execution

Trucking software help companies plan and execute their transportation operations more efficiently.

It can provide tools for optimizing routes, scheduling deliveries, and coordinating with carriers, which can help companies get their products to the market faster and more cost-effectively.

Reduced Transportation Costs

Trucking software can also help companies reduce transportation costs.

They do this by finding the most cost-effective carriers and routes. It can also help companies optimize fleets and reduce unnecessary miles, saving fuel and maintenance costs in the long run.

Increased Visibility

Trucking software can provide real-time tracking of shipments, which helps companies stay informed and make more informed decisions.

It can also give alerts and notifications when there are delays or other issues, which lets companies react quickly and mitigate problems.

Better Customer Service

Trucking software can also help companies improve their customer service.

The software lets trucking businesses manage and track orders. It can also give customers access to real-time tracking information. This can help companies build stronger customer relationships and increase customer satisfaction.

How to Choose the Right Trucking Software

Here's how to choose the right trucking software for your company:

Determine your needs.

Before looking at different trucking software options, you must assess your company's specific needs and goals. This will help you to identify the features and tools that are most important to you and narrow down your options.

Research available options.

There are many different trucking software programs available on the market.

Hence, you must research the options that best fit your needs. Look for programs that have features and tools that align with your company's specific needs and goals.

Consider scalability.

Make sure to choose a trucking software program that can grow with your company as it expands.

If you want to add more vehicles or expand your operations in the future, choose a program that can accommodate these changes.

Look for a user-friendly interface.

Choose a trucking software program that has a user-friendly interface. This will make it easier for employees to use and reduce errors or mistakes.

Consider the cost.

Determine your budget and look for a trucking software program that fits within your price range.

Don't sacrifice important features or tools to save money; also, be aware that more expensive options may not always be the best choice.

Read reviews and ask for recommendations.

Read reviews and ask for recommendations from other trucking companies to understand which programs are the most popular and effective.

Integration with other systems.

If your company uses other software for tasks such as accounting or factoring, consider whether the trucking software you are considering is compatible with these systems.

For instance, you might use QuickBooks for your accounting needs. Hence, you must pick trucking software that integrates with QuickBooks.

Similarly, if you're using factoring software like Apex, you choose trucking software that integrates with Apex.

Look for a program that can integrate with your other systems to avoid switching between multiple programs or manually entering data.

Pick one with excellent customer support.

Choose a trucking software program that offers excellent customer support.

This can be especially important if you're new to using trucking software since you may have questions or need assistance getting started. So, pick the trucking software that offers support through various channels, such as phone, email, or live chat.

What Is the Best Trucking Software?

There's no universal best trucking software for every company. It's because the best trucking software will depend on a company's specific needs and goals. Some trucking software providers may offer more advanced features or be better suited for certain businesses, while others may be more affordable or have better customer support. So, it's crucial to thoroughly research and compare different TMS options to find the one that best fits your company's needs. Check out this comprehensive comparison of the most popular software trucking companies use to see your options. However, one of the best trucking software in the market now is FlexTMS. Using the FlexTMS, carriers can save time & money and increase revenue. The platform also has advanced features that make any trucking company's operations more efficient and convenient. With its reasonable pricing plans, FlexTMS offers business owners a lot of automation without breaking the bank.

Why Use FlexTMS

Why is FlexTMS one of the best trucking software in the industry? Here are the reasons you should consider using it:

FlexTMS has an all-inclusive dispatch board.

Dispatch management is one of the biggest problems business owners in the trucking industry face.

While you can hire a dispatcher solely for this task, you must double-check everything to ensure your trucking business runs smoothly.

FlexTMS solves this problem. With a user-friendly dispatch board, FlexTMS lets you double-check any dispatch-related tasks.

In particular, you can use FlexTMS' dispatch board to do the following:

●      Monitor service activities in a certain period

●      Identify the priority of a service activity

●      Review the drivers assigned to a specific dispatch team

●      Modify the designated drivers and service times for a specific dispatch schedule

●      Review the list of loads that have not been dispatched

FlexTMS offers a user-friendly driver app.

Many drivers don't have advanced tech skills, which makes it difficult for managers and owner-operators to automate load assignments.

This is where FLexTMS comes in. The software includes a user-friendly app allowing drivers to access their load assignments easily.

Additionally, since the interface is user-friendly, trucking companies usually don't have to train their drivers to use the app. But if your drivers need training, teaching them how to use FlexTMS will take little time.

FlexTMS has top-notch security.

As a trucking software, FlexTMS has to collect data. The said data then gets used to improve our services.

However, the data will be stored on a server. This means that the said data can be hacked. Fortunately, your data is safe with us, thanks to FlexTMS' partnership with AWS (Amazon Web Services).

The software safeguards your business from potential hacks and information leaks. The trucking software also complies with security regulations all over the globe.

In addition, the data you feed FlexTMs and the information FlexTMS gets from other apps integrated with it are safe from the hands of predators.

FlexTMS makes expense reporting more efficient.

Knowing your expenses allows you to map out your company's financial goals.

FlexTMS streamlines expense reporting by sending invoices to your clients right after delivery.

This makes expense reporting efficient and saves you precious time. In addition, you can integrate FlexTMS with accounting or expense reporting apps, making the process more efficient.  

FlexTMS can integrate with a lot of tools.

If you use other software, you must pick trucking software that can integrate with them.

FlexTMS can integrate with a lot of tools, including Apex and QuickBooks. Since it can integrate with many tools, you can fully customize your system via FlexTMS. Through our enterprise plan, you will have the following:

●      Private server environment

●      Custom programming

●      Custom integrations

●      Accounting integrations

●      Fuel integrations

●      Factoring integrations

●      Custom company mobile app

If you own a big trucking business, customizing allows you to scale your business to seven or eight figures.


Overall, it's crucial to choose trucking software that meets your specific needs and goals. You must also choose user-friendly, scalable, and affordable trucking software. Are you looking for trucking software that has all the qualities above and more? Check out FlexTMS now!
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