FlexTMS: 7 Advanced TMS Features That’ll Help Grow Your Business

FlexTMS: 7 Advanced TMS Features That’ll Help Grow Your Business

Growing a trucking business can be extremely hard especially if you don’t have the right tools for it. Fortunately, FlexTMS has advanced TMS features that will make growing your business easy.

With advanced FlexTMS features, you can streamline processes, save time & money, and increase revenue.

But how exactly do these features work? How can they help you?

In this article, we will talk about FlexTMS, its advanced TMS features, and how these features help grow your business.

What Is FlexTMS?

As its name implies, FlexTMS is a transportation management system that mainly serves entrepreneurs in the shipping industry. FlexTMS offers solutions to transportation management issues such as time-consuming data entry and complicated driver protocols. Using the FlexTMS app, owner operators and trucking business owners can save time & money and increase revenue.The app also boasts advanced features that make any entrepreneur's life more convenient. With its reasonable pricing plans, FlexTMS offers business owners a way out of manual processes without breaking the bank.

7 Advanced FlexTMS Features

Here are seven advanced FlexTMS features that can make your business life easier:

Dispatch Board

One of the biggest problems business owners in the trucking industry face is dispatch management.

While you can hire a dispatcher to focus on this task, you must double-check everything to make sure your business runs smoothly.

FlexTMS solves this problem. With a user-friendly dispatch board, FlexTMS lets you double-check any dispatch-related actions.

In a gist, you can use FlexTMS’ dispatch board to do the following:

●      Monitor service activities in a certain period of time

●      Identify the priority of a service activity

●      Review the drivers assigned to a certain dispatch team

●      Modify the assigned drivers and service times for a certain dispatch schedule

●      Review the list of loads that have not been dispatched

Compliance Management

Another problem trucking business owners face is compliance management. As an entrepreneur in the trucking industry, you must comply with several regulations.

If you don’t do this, the government might penalize you or worse, shut down your company.

Compliance management ensures that a trucking business’ procedures and policies align with the rules set by any governing body.

The trucking business’ staff should also follow certain policies and procedures to comply with the said rules.

However, this is easier said than done. More often than not, trucking business owners miss checking whether their employees comply with rules or not.

As a result, their companies face risks.

FlexTMS helps solve this problem. Using the compliance management feature, you don’t have to miss employees not complying with rules.

Equipment Maintenance

Among the most crucial aspects of a trucking business is equipment maintenance. As a responsible entrepreneur, you need to subject your equipment to regular maintenance.

While it’s tempting to turn your 3-month truck maintenance to a 6-month period, you should not.

Failure to subject your equipment to regular maintenance can cost you more money in the long run.

Think about this. If your driver gets into an accident because the truck did not go through regular maintenance, you will end up paying for your employee’s sick leave and fixing or replacing the truck. Worse, you will endanger your driver’s life.

FlexTMS lets you avoid these. By letting you monitor equipment maintenance, you don’t have to put your business at risk of losing money and endangering your employees’ lives.


Data is one of the backbones of any business. Whether you are operating a million-dollar business or not, you have to analyze certain data to scale your business.

Reports contain crucial data that lets you determine whether you meet your KPIs (key performance indicators) or not.

By doing this, you know whether you must change certain processes to become a successful trucking company.

In particular, this FlexTMS feature allows you to make:

●      Logistics reports

●      Issue reports

●      Parcel coin reports

●      Delivery reports

●      Transit time reports

The FlexTMS app also lets you export and import data, giving you the ability to generate more reports. Aside from that, you can integrate FlexTMS with QuickBooks to make more reports.


One of the most promising TMS features FlexTMS offers is the capability to handle settlements.

In the trucking industry, settlements frequently occur. They typically come in the form of scheduled deductions, truck & driver settlements, and invoicing & factoring.

Fortunately, this FlexTMS feature allows you to deal with these. Specifically, FlexTMS can automate scheduled deductions, monitor truck & driver settlements, and offer invoicing & factoring support.

Via this settlement feature, FlexTMS lets you deal with settlements in the least stressful way possible.

As a bonus, FlexTMS can automatically send invoices to your clients, saving you precious time.

Driver App

Another amazing feature of FlexTMS is its driver app. The driver app can be extremely useful to your company for many reasons.

For one, the FlexTMS driver app offers mobile check calls. You and your drivers can call each other anytime, giving you real-time updates. This feature is also useful for raising issues while your drivers travel.

In relation to this, the FlexTMS driver app gives you mobile driver notifications. This means that you can know where your drivers currently are. This also allows you to send help in case your drivers get stuck in the middle of nowhere.

While only the platinum and enterprise plans include the FlexTMS driver app, paying a few extra dollars per month makes your drivers’ work easier.

Full Customization

Interestingly, you can fully customize your transportation management system via FlexTMS. Through our enterprise plan, you will have the following:

●      Private server environment

●      Custom programming

●      Custom integrations

●      Fuel integrations

●      Factoring integrations

●      Full customization

●      Custom company mobile app

If you are a big trucking business, having these customization features allow you to scale your business to eight or nine figures.


FlexTMs offers a dispatch board, compliance management, equipment maintenance, reports, settlements, and a driver app. Full customization is only available to those who invest in our enterprise plan. However, the said feature is totally worth your investment, especially if you want to reach greater heights. Are you interested in a no-hassle, no-stress transportation management system?  You can  contact FlexTMS for any questions or to request a demo.
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